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Why are you there? 

I was to go and represent my church in another church on a Sunday and on getting there I saw a lot of people you can call youths fiddling with their phones, checking Facebook pictures while the service was going on not even bothering whether they are being captured by the camera or not (it was an anniversary so there was a videographer to record the service). Some were even on a betting site betting, some were sleeping during the sermon and all these made me wonder why these people come to church to waste their time rather than staying home.


Respect the Sanctity of the sanctuary. -Steward_wealth ’17

A lot of times we attend church services, we attend weekly services and other programs just to fulfill all righteousness, some go so as to avoid questioning by our pastors, ministers and so on. Some go to church to meet friends; to them the church is a place to hangout with friends, some go to the church to sleep, rest and relieve themselves of the day’s stress; to them the church is an hotel room and recreational center. Some go to church just to give and donate money to the church; to them the church is a launching ground it is an IDP Camp or a company of needy people where their money is needed. Some go to the church to charge their phones; to them the church is a charging hub, some go to flaunt their wealth, clothes, riches or cars; to them the church is a fashion parade and festival or a social club where you harass and intimidate your fellows with your wealth. This and many more are reasons why people go to church and church services.

For everything you do, there is always a motive and intention. –Anonymous.

But i stand to ask my brethren, why are we in Church; are we really there to fellowship with the brethren and worship God or we are there because going to church on Sunday I  routine and staying home on Sunday will be boring. Are we there because we love God or because there are some of our friends we can’t see on normal days except in church on Sunday. Are we there to contribute our quota to the development and building of he body of Christ or we are there to contribute to the noise in the Church. Are we there because we want to see God or we are there because we want our Pastor(s) to see us and know that we are Church so that he can recognise us or for any other reason.

A lot of us today go to church for various reasons outside the major reason for which the church was created but I can attest to one thing that only those who go to church to seek God with their heart will see him and get their heart desires while those who come for other reasons will for sure get their reward “ For those who sow in the flesh will of the flesh reap Corruption and those who sow in the Spirit will of the Spirit reap Eternal life. ” SHALOM.