Welcome to my Blog, am happy to have you on board and I hope you Get blessed by whatsoever you read here. You can read about me here, and You can read about my Blog Here.

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As a man thinketh in his heart so he is.” Sequel to the earlier part, you sure have to believe in yourself in order to get this gold out. Watching the movie about the rise of Pele and I discovered it took Dico (Pele) courage to make people believe the power in him, though it took him … Continue reading THE GOLDMINE IN YOU 2 (THINK RIGHT); LESSONS FROM THE RISE OF A LEGEND (THE MOVIE).

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About Me

Hmmmm… I don’t really talk about myself because I don’t really know what to sa

y concerning myself;

OK… I was 30th November 1999 (Quite a small boy right, yeah), I had my primary and secondary educations quite early, presently am a 200Level student of the University of Ibadan; The Department of Linguistics to be precise.


My Hobbies

I love anything fun (Physically and spiritually), I l

ove been outdoors; I love writing, singing and playing my Saxophone. I love Graphics design a lot so am an upcoming graphics designer,

Am quite naughty and annoying sometimes but in-spite of all i am and was, GRACE found me.


That’s a little about me for now.

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About My Blog


I don’t really have much to say about my blog but let me just give you a Brief gist about my Blog.

Basically I created this blog to give expression to the Spirit of God in me as I found out that I love writing for and about the kingdom; I just love doing everything for him. Most of my posts will be my experiences so far as a young Christian, situations and happenings around me and some causes to which am committed and devoted in the Body of Christ and also my Passions.

I might not been posting  regularly as a result of other attachments and involvements of mine but I’ll do my best to do so frequently; Mind you, I might also be a bit blunt and crude..(am still a learner with my writing skills)

See you around.


Yours Sincerely,

Steward Emmanuel Adegbuyi

#Emmanuel’s World

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