What have you done so far?

You, yes i mean you, On that throne of yours Where Adonai placed you What have you done so far? You, yes it’s you In that class of yours Where you are so influential What have you done so far? Yes you, you are the one Rt. Honourable who cares With that gavel of yours …

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Kiss Your Christian Brothers and Sisters

this is just awesome, i wish this practice could be maintained in the church

Fact Based Truth

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When was the last time you gave a kiss to one of your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ? Not a Christian that was a member of your family or a significant other, but a Christian in your fellow assembling of the Body of Christ. Believe it or not, it was quite a common thing that Apostle Paul and Apostle Peter encouraged Christians to be doing with each other.

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7 Tips for Christian Bloggers

This is awesome, every christian blogger should see this

Real as the Streets

There are a whole slew of in-depth tutorials and tips for blogging. The advanced ones include SEO, social media, eBooks, mailing lists, etc. But I haven’t reached that stage of blogging, yet. So far I have found success implementing the following basic concepts…

  1. State Your Purpose
    • What is your, ‘Why?’ What drives you to put out post after post? This is your purpose. People like knowing your MO. A specific blog mission statement or broad vision statement is a great way to not only be transparent with your readers, but keep you on track with your goal. You can find my purpose, as an example, on the About Page.
  2. Keep It Real
    • Be true to yourself and be honest. If you want people to follow you, give them something authentic and unique. God made us individuals for a reason.
  3. Find Your Crowd
    • Not everyone is going to like your…

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Why are you there? 

I was to go and represent my church in another church on a Sunday and on getting there I saw a lot of people you can call youths fiddling with their phones, checking Facebook pictures while the service was going on not even bothering whether they are being captured by the camera or not (it …

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Shared from WordPress: The Righteousness that God requires… 

The Righteousness that God Requires - http://wp.me/p2yHUQ-Vq This post has blessed me a lot and I believe it will bless you too therefore I hereby recommend it to you.