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Living in Ibadan since last year has opened my eyes to a lot of things especially when I started living at Agbowo, I began to see the suffering of the kids or should I say the travail of children on the streets. Both day and night (but more prominent at night) you see kids, youngsters, Nigeria’s Future, the Glory and future of the Church, the Heritage and Reward of the Lord roaming the streets, begging for money to eat. Some of them beg at motor-parks and do all sort of things that make me to continually ask myself WHAT WENT WRONG in the lives of these Kids. I know for sure that these kids have parents, I know the orphans among them have Uncles and Aunties who see them roam the streets daily but wouldn’t bother to take care of them.



We have a lot of Christian brethren who are more than rich but rather than spend their money on these kids who are priceless in the kingdom, they spend their money on frivolities, they keep on demanding that their name be put on Sunday Bulletins in Church. We have a lot of us who run institutes but rather than go to the streets and give these helpless kids a chance to fulfill purpose, we keep on targeting those who are more than rich and have everything at their disposal. Many of us churches have schools where standard education is given, we are rich to the extent that buying 5 luxurious Buses in a day is the least thing we can do and rather than invest in the Glory of the church, we keep spending money on things that do not matter to the kingdom. We repaint the church 5 times a year, change official cars 10 times a year but yet there are kids out there that need training, kids who need our love and care; when last has your church picked some random kids on the street given them scholarship in our schools worth hundred of thousands per term/semester. It’s time to make a change.


Indeed it is time for we icons in the fold to look back into the streets and do something. I watched a video that was trending sometimes ago about a brilliant boy in Lagos that was picked by Frank Edwards, luckily grand Edwards was this boy’s role model; it was publicized recently about some people a man of God placed on salary for life and many more. These are the things the church is supposed to be doing. A lot of the G.Os, Apostles, Pastors, Gospel artists have in their congregation and in their neighborhood kids who are helpless and are more than needy but yet they walk about with their heads high claiming to be preaching the gospel when those around them have not seen the love in the gospel, when some of our fans only feel the love we preach when they listen to our songs. ITS IS TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE.


Why do you leave we your children to beg on the streets while you rock your latest Aso- Egbejoda every week. Each day you go out to come back the next week, we are left to beg around for a living. You never cared for once if we eat or not, remember you are just guardians as we originally belong to God and you’re going to give report to God on what you did for us.

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Looking at the crop of Children (Youths tho) we have nowadays, they seem to be the ones you find in the Boys’ Brigade, Girls Guild, Royal Ambassador, Royal Shepherd etc. And yet taking a look at the life it seems as though they aren’t part of these Christian Organisations, it looks as if they never for once in their lives went to camps, church or they they never had parents. I stand to ask you Camp Commandant’s, Children teachers, Captain’s, NCOs, Directors, Lieutenants and officers of these organisations: what happened???, How come these Kids still turn out worse than those on the streets?. Is it that they only come to play at these programs or what?, Or we are the ones neglecting our duties as leader’s and ministers.
Apart from just teaching this guys guys and leaving them to them to themselves, we also have the mandate of taking charge of their lives in the Place of prayer and supplication, an area in which we have woefully failed.

Maybe we don’t even know the essence of convening these programme, maybe we don’t even have a cogent reason for bringing them together, or we are just bringing them together for the fact that it has become traditional and routine to hold such programs and meetings.

The late Sir. Williams Alexander Smith who founded the Boys’ Brigade was said to have founded the Boys’ Brigade as a means to eradicate the moral decadence among kids and to impart into them Godly virtues and also to make them useful to the society as revealed in the Object of the Boys’ Brigade which is “The advancement of Christ’s King among boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, discipline, self respect and all that tends towards a true Christian Manliness”. This object reveals all that is needed to raise a Goodly boy but yet if I may ask, those of us to whom the torch of the B.B was handed, are we still sharing Sir. Alex’s vision or we are just doing it for the fun of it. My fellow brethren in Blue and white, my fellow Children teachers, what happened?. It is time to make a change and Take our responsibilities. SHALOM.

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A lot of time we complain about the coldness and lukewarmness of heart and spirit among the youths of nowadays. We complain that youths have no passion for God, they no longer want to pray, they no longer care about the brethren etc. but yet WHAT OF THE CHILDREN?
A minister once said “a youth leader without a vision for the Children is useless” which is true. A lot of times what we care about as youth leaders is how God will restore the youths, strengthen the week, save the erring youths etc. But yet we have forgotten that there is no youth church without the children Church, we forget that a generation begins with kids and children.

Today I was in my home church to follow the children to the annual Children Camp In my diocese, as I looked at the kids who were going, I felt sad, sorrowful and dejected in my spirit because they were spoilt, they don’t know what life means, they don’t know that Christ has a demand on their lives therefore they live life anyhow; these are kids that are supposed to be ground shakers for God in their generation but now live life after those whom the devil is gambling with Their life.

It’s high time we remember that Christ said we should let kids come unto him, we should remember that Children are his Heritage and they are precious to him, majority of we children teachers, ministers youth pastors etc. Do not have a vision for these kids and they grow up becoming touts, people with scrambled vision etc. They grow up without knowing who they are in the world. The major blame goes to parents, children teachers, youth leaders, ministry leaders, pastors G. Os etc who neglect the Kids and focus on the youths and adults, let’s not forget that it is the kids that grow to become Youths and adults, without them getting their bearing then the move of God is thwarted for life. It is time to make a change.
I hope to start a series on Children and the kingdom both on Facebook and my blog.