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Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God

-Romans 1:1

A lot of times, we see a lot of people in the church of God today that claim to be jobless in the body of Christ (Jobless in the sense that they say they have nothing to do for God), some give excuses of every unit in the church filled up, therefore, they cant join, some complain that they dont fit in into any unit in the church, some because of these things had even come up with the Ideology that not everybody is called to work for God in the body of Christ all of which are not true.

Every man in the Kingdom of Heaven is called to do something one of which is to preach the gospel of Christ Jesus to the world according to Mathew 28:19 and Mark 16:15 and this same mandate is our no. one priority as Christians. Right from this time on (since the resurrection up till now) god has given every man the mandate of representing him everywhere in the world and in every levels areas and parastatals, which means no one in the kingdom is useless not even a day old convert in the body of Christ and this was why Paul in the passage of the scriptures used above was bold enough to reveal who he was and what he was called to be and throughout his writings he has not failed to acknowledge the fact that every man has a calling.

Wherefore he saith, when he ascended up on high, he led captivity captive and gave gifts unto men.

-Ephesians 4:8

As said earlier every man is called by God to be in a particular position or to fulfil a particular mission and that’s why I can say that apart from the fact that the 12 apostles were part of Jesus ministry, they were also called to be in the position of Apostles just like Paul was called. Paul in Ephesians 4:8 said when Christ ascended he gave gifts unto all men, these gifts can be referred to as areas of callings to which every man is called thus showing the fact that every man in the Kingdom is called to represent Christ in various parts of life. These gifts are so numerous that it is out of them that we have the ministerial offices such as Apostleship, The Prophet, The Evangelist, The Pastor (Pastoring and Shepherding), and Teaching which is becoming more manifest in the Church today. But apart from these areas of calling there are also other areas of calling into which God has called us into so as to preach the Gospel and to proclaim his name and the exceeding greatness of his power, these areas of calling are not only limited to ministerial positons alone, we are also to declare and proclaim Christ in our workplaces etc. therefore God also calls people into Giving, Encouraging, Admonishing, Singing, financial management, Human resource management, Public speaking, Graphics Designing, Web development, online marketing, Modelling, Photography, Medical practice and so many other professions in life, some are even endowed with talents like Critical thinking, writing, poetry, painting etc., some even have inborn leadership capabilities, ability to convince a thousand people to buy their own ideas, most people have business capabilities and ideas etc. These and many more areas to which God has called man to function in which means it’s not all about being a minister alone as Paul said in Romans 12:4-8, therefore don’t ever say you have nothing to do for God.

Knowing to what area you are called in to by God is a great thing to do therefore go to God and find out from him which areas he has called you and remember that everything a man has is Gods, therefore, don’t forget to utilize what you have and who you are for the advancement of the Kingdom and the preaching of the Gospel. Remember that HE GAVE GIFTS TO ALL MEN… i.e. HE CALLED ALL MEN. SHALOM.

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What shall i do?

What shall I do?

as confused as I am

with no hope of  getting direction

and advice from anyone


What shall I do?

decisions are to be made

in a state of confusion

and pressure from all


What shall I do?

nothing seems to give comfort

all I have now seem to be lost

and I my thought now am lost


What shall I do?

prayer seems to be a burden

advice seem to bring more confusion

and now I look more like a fool


What shall I do?

 when friends do not understand me

when I find no one to trust

and when I cease to think right


What shall I do?

when at a crossroad now I stand

hoping not to make a regrettable decision

nor take a destructive step


Now I know what to do

back to my God will I go

yea, patiently will I wait before him

till he answers me


Yes! that I will do?

in his presence will I stay

till he gives me his word

either a yes or a no.


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A house of love
Full of joy
Where the brethren
Walk together as one
A house of Love
Where low spirits are lifted
Where shyness turns to boldness
And Sorrow to Gladness
A house of Smiles

Where the Cathedral a Photo Studio Becomes
Every hand a selfie stick
And everyone a selfie Addict

Come Along with me to ASFUI
A Generation for the Lord
A place of FBF and FAF
The Home of Academic and Spiritual Giants

A.Y’s Whining draws u to God
Moyo’s Smile makes u happy
Nmesoma’s Phone is the picture archive
And prayer uproar is fun with Favour

JPC’s songs are too wonderful
TECHNICALly Fun filled
VGDG is always on point

Tolu’s Drum makes you dance more
Steward’s Sax makes you worship more
Femi and Bayo on the strings
Loba with the sticks and Kay on the keys; What a combination

WELFARE is always on point
Even the ACADEMIC gurus
The PRAYERful pressers

URSHERing you to the father
Ensuring a deep BIBLE STUDY
TRANSPORTing you to the Kingdom

FYBs never want to leave
Eager to come back as PGF
No one wishes to end AFF
Nor miss Village Evangelism

Follow me to this House of Love
Follow me to this House of Smiles
Follow me to this House of Selfies
Follow me to this House of Grace



  4. JPC stands for JESUS’ PRAISE CHOIR
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It’s not over
It will Passover
Even when you have no dime
It’s just for a time

All might not be well
All road might even lead to the well
When the Father seems a little bit farther
And work refuses to go any further

The journey seems unwalkable
Every mountain seems insurmountable
And it seems like the end
As problems becomes the trend

Just take a deep breath
And tap deep into the father’s depth
It’s not over he said
Why drop over my friend

That which you call the End
Which is a result of the Trend
Is Nothing but a bend
And them all will soon end

Press on my friend
It’s not over until it’s over
Don’t be scared of the bend
It’s not over until God says ‘Over’


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As a man thinketh in his heart so he is.”

Sequel to the earlier part, you sure have to believe in yourself in order to get this gold out. Watching the movie about the rise of Pele and I discovered it took Dico (Pele) courage to make people believe the power in him, though it took him years and missing many chances before he could make people realise that he’s got the best in him. At the start he faced rejections from his coach at Santos FC, at the Brazil national team as a result of the supposedly failed Ginga style which is inherent in him, people deliberately injured him even his coach and teammates refused to believe him except for a few of them.

Truly as expected of every rising star, he faced a lot of oppositions from people regarding his style of play, times he had to go against his own will and spirit in order to please the coach which betrays the real him but until he stood up and made sure his head was right, he couldn’t do anything right. Though this post is not about football or about Pele himself but I want you to know that this story of Pele is something noteworthy. Jose Alfini, Pele’s teammate once said to him it is not my leg, but my head is not correct, this means that until your thoughts about what you have in you is right, you can never become whoever God wants you to be. Even after surrendering your life to Christ, the major part of the work is still in your hands as Christ is not a terrorist that would hijack the control of your life from you. He leaves you to do your own part because you own your life and he had already finished and done his own part on the cross… ‘‘it is finished’’ he said on the cross which means all he needed to do has being settled and done, all that is left is your own input and processing.

Immediately Pele got his thinking straight, he could inspire his teammates to embrace the innate Ginga Style inherent in them, and until you do this same right thinking about yourself, you can never influence yourself not to talk of your environment for as a man thinks in his heart, so is he- Proverbs 23:7, Andrew Wommack, the founder of Andrew Wommack Ministries International said in his book titled Sharper than a two Edged sword that “The mind is the most influential force in Your Life” which means no matter what God is saying or has said concerning you, whatever you think about yourself and whatever you think is going to be concerning you is what’s going to be no matter what.

Therefore what are we saying, start thinking right, start having good thought towards yourself and you will begin to see good things manifesting in your life , so start thinking right and things will start moving right, THINK RIGHT, AND THINGS WILL START HAPPENING RIGHT. Shalom.

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What have you done so far?

You, yes i mean you,

On that throne of yours

Where Adonai placed you

What have you done so far?

You, yes it’s you

In that place of yours

Where you are so influential

What have you done so far?

Yes you, you are the one

Rt. Honourable who cares

With that gavel of yours

What have you legislated so far?

O yes! It’s you

President I don’t want to know

In your rulings and decisions

What have you done so far?

Yes, you too

As ordinary as you are

In that class of yours

What have done so far

Yes, you can’t escape

professor only God knows who

With those papers of yours

What have you done so far?

You too

With that ruler and pencil of yours

Sitting at your desk all day

How many plans have you drawn for him?

Yes, you

With that crown on your head

That you thought you won with beauty

What have you done so far?

And you

In that family where you are

Either as parent or Child

What have you done so far?

Yes, and the rest of you

Who i do not see nor know,

remeber the day for accounting

you do not know. Continue reading “What have you done so far?”