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Why are you there? 

I was to go and represent my church in another church on a Sunday and on getting there I saw a lot of people you can call youths fiddling with their phones, checking Facebook pictures while the service was going on not even bothering whether they are being captured by the camera or not (it… Continue reading Why are you there? 

Children Ministry


Looking at the crop of Children (Youths tho) we have nowadays, they seem to be the ones you find in the Boys' Brigade, Girls Guild, Royal Ambassador, Royal Shepherd etc. And yet taking a look at the life it seems as though they aren't part of these Christian Organisations, it looks as if they never… Continue reading CHILDREN SERIES 2: WHAT HAPPENED??

Children Ministry


A lot of time we complain about the coldness and lukewarmness of heart and spirit among the youths of nowadays. We complain that youths have no passion for God, they no longer want to pray, they no longer care about the brethren etc. but yet WHAT OF THE CHILDREN? A minister once said "a youth… Continue reading CHILDREN SERIES 1: WHAT OF THESE KIDS???


A new steward on Board

I want to use this medium to welcome onboard and introduce to us the latest writter on this platform. He is Steve Joshua Oghenekogie, below is a brief info about him: Name: Steve Joshua Oghenekogie Bithday: August Hometown: Iseyin, Oyo State. Bio: A 200L student of the Department of Linguistics and African Languages, university of… Continue reading A new steward on Board


The Goldmine in You. 

Nigeria as a country is blessed with a lot of mineral resources such as gold, bitumen and most importantly Crude Oil which was a main point of attraction to the colonial masters at the time of colonization. This oil made the British colonial masters desperate to totally colonize and rule Nigeria at that time because… Continue reading The Goldmine in You.