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Looking at the crop of Children (Youths tho) we have nowadays, they seem to be the ones you find in the Boys’ Brigade, Girls Guild, Royal Ambassador, Royal Shepherd etc. And yet taking a look at the life it seems as though they aren’t part of these Christian Organisations, it looks as if they never for once in their lives went to camps, church or they they never had parents. I stand to ask you Camp Commandant’s, Children teachers, Captain’s, NCOs, Directors, Lieutenants and officers of these organisations: what happened???, How come these Kids still turn out worse than those on the streets?. Is it that they only come to play at these programs or what?, Or we are the ones neglecting our duties as leader’s and ministers.
Apart from just teaching this guys guys and leaving them to them to themselves, we also have the mandate of taking charge of their lives in the Place of prayer and supplication, an area in which we have woefully failed.

Maybe we don’t even know the essence of convening these programme, maybe we don’t even have a cogent reason for bringing them together, or we are just bringing them together for the fact that it has become traditional and routine to hold such programs and meetings.

The late Sir. Williams Alexander Smith who founded the Boys’ Brigade was said to have founded the Boys’ Brigade as a means to eradicate the moral decadence among kids and to impart into them Godly virtues and also to make them useful to the society as revealed in the Object of the Boys’ Brigade which is “The advancement of Christ’s King among boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, discipline, self respect and all that tends towards a true Christian Manliness”. This object reveals all that is needed to raise a Goodly boy but yet if I may ask, those of us to whom the torch of the B.B was handed, are we still sharing Sir. Alex’s vision or we are just doing it for the fun of it. My fellow brethren in Blue and white, my fellow Children teachers, what happened?. It is time to make a change and Take our responsibilities. SHALOM.

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