In this age of worldliness

where every living creature abhors godliness,

where lust and sin is their daily business,

Will I find true bridal Christians?


When I, the bridegroom will appear on earth

to rapture and steal away my bride,

will you say with me to the world “Adieu”?,

or would you have been swept away by the worldly tide?

Godliness and truth are now labelled” a taboo”

and Christians are drowning in a spiritual waterloo.


Souls will diminish,from worldly fantasies to Godly images,

when I come with the fire of judgment in my eyes.

Will you be righteous or remain untrue?

Tell me, will I find righteousness burning in you?


When Gabriel the archangel shall arise

in heaven to blow the last trumpet,

will you still be fast asleep thinking it’s your alarm ringing,

when the saints of God are being blocked

raptured in the twinkle of an eye?

Will you be among them or with the lost souls

that’ll weep and bite their fingers in regret?

Remember that righteousness exalts a nation,

but sin is a reproach to man.


When Armageddon flies the kite of destruction,

will you be bold enough to pay with your blood?

after rejecting the saviour’s crimson flood.

Oh! Will I find righteousness blazing in you?


When atrocities and iniquities are the dailies

and prosperity is the sermon in the churches,

when ministers fail to shine the light of truth,

but go around with torches of deception,

will you still hold firm the message of truth?


When Christ comes like a thief in the night,

Will you be prepared or alas! be in fright?

Brethren don’t refuse to embrace the light,

strive to fight the battle of faith,

till your precious souls approach the gates

of eternal rest that you await.


Tell me, when I come will I find peace in your hearts?

Will there be Godliness at all?

Will there be a seat for you in the rapture express?


Steve Joshua Oghenekhogie aka the poetic w.o.w ©2017

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