The Goldmine in You. 

Nigeria as a country is blessed with a lot of mineral resources such as gold, bitumen and most importantly Crude Oil which was a main point of attraction to the colonial masters at the time of colonization. This oil made the British colonial masters desperate to totally colonize and rule Nigeria at that time because they felt and knew that Nigerians do not know how to utilize it and therefore apart from teaching, training and sensitizing Nigerians about what they’ve got they also decided to control its use which they actually did quite well till they


Likewise you, you have that potential, gift, ability, that GOLDMINE in you that is UNTAPPED AND UNMINED, it was actually deposited in you by your maker himself for a purpose. This thing in you might be in form of your talents, probably drumming dancing, talking, or even the ability to convince people into buying your ideas, the ability to even create things, innovate ideas etc. and it is actually for a purpose as said earlier, it now depends on you to utilize it the right way. As at present, there are two people, war groups, sects, factions, PROFESSIONAL MASTERS, INVESTORS AND COMPANIES that are vying for that goldmine, that oilfield of yours, wanting to reach you first for one reason which is to take charge of that thing in you, to control it on your behalf. These two factions are the well-known factions, The Heavenly Company of Jesus Christ and Lucifer Group of Companies. These factions started battling for you right from the day you were born all because of your fore father’s mistake i.e. Adam’s Mistake in the garden of Eden which he did by handing over the control of his life to Lucifer (the CEO of Lucifer Group of Companies) in the Garden thereby handing over your own life, future and destiny to him too but the good news is that though your future was handed over to him Millions of years ago yet he doesn’t have full access and control over that oilfield of yours because it is your duty and choice to decide whether you are going to let him have that gift filled life of yours or you will take back from him the gifts, values and richness of your life that was handed over to him Millions of Years ago. Know that you have the power to decide what happens to that gold mine in you since it is your choice and decision on who gets and controls what you’ve got, know that the main reason for Lucifer desperately seeking for what you’ve got is because he knows that once he has it he can destroy you and make sure that you don’t use it for that which it is meant for, that you don’t fulfill the purpose for which it was given to you, and mind you his only goal and mission is TO STEAL, TO KILL AND TO DESTROY your life that is so much filled with milk and honey (John 10:10a) therefore you’ve got to be careful and watchful because he is always roaming around and stalking you so that he can attack you and forcefully take that which is yours (1Peter 5:2). These and many more are reasons why you’ve got to give it to Jesus the CEO of The Heavenly Company of Jesus Christ because he gave u that thing in you and only he knows how to help you utilize it better, he gave it to you therefore only him can lead you and help you to fulfill that purpose for which he created you, therefore the best option is to give it to Jesus Christ which means if you have not accepted Christ into your life today, now is the best time. SHALOM.

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