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As you patiently wait…

“No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who hath called him to be a soldier” IITim. 2 vs.4(KJV.)

After finishing my exams in school, though I stayed for up to two weeks, I decided to go home in order to avoid being beaten by hunger since I can’t cope with the high cost if eating at the cafeterias of the great premier university. One the day I was to go home, I had to wait in order to do some clearances before I could leave my hall of residence.

On getting to the motor park, as usual, I knew I have to wait for up to an hour before the bus would move. While waiting different things, both attractive and unattractive were advertised and brought for me to buy but since I took no interest in them I only bought the things I deemed fit to be bought for personal reasons, beggars came to beg for alms and all other things you would experience and see at the motor park. As I kept on rejecting offers and attending to things that I considered worthy, the spirit of God asked a crucial question which is “What Do You Attend To As You Wait” which means as you patiently wait in the salvation bus, waiting for it to be filled up and that the driver will come, what are the things you attend to?.

Various times as Christians who are waiting for the coming of Christ, we have at various times, busied ourselves with the affairs of this world, we partially forget that we are waiting for our savior to come and take us home, we forget the command of the master which says “…occupy till I come”- Luke 19 vs.13. A lot of things are being advertised to us, various things that we met on earth and are surely going to remain on earth when we leave are what we face, we not only find them attractive and alluring but we term them as the right things to have and do. A lot of things that are counterfeits of what God produced are what we describe as the real things, times without number after forgetting the injunction of the master, we focus on fake, corruptible and perishable things and take them as the best endowments to spend our time on while waiting and gradually we forget that we are even waiting for our master and savior.
Apostle Paul said in Hebrews 12 vs. 1 that “let us lay aside every weight,… and let us run with patience the race that is set before us” but rather we choose to continue picking and adding more weights on the way, weighing ourselves down with them thinking that they will help us run faster, we buy a lot of spiritual poisons that come in form of refreshments, energy boosters and many more, adding them to our spiritual inventory, drinking, eating and consuming them, we even take things that are not permitted by the father under the auspices of civilized Christianity, the father though his spirit warns us about these but we refuse to heed.
Even as we wait we forget we are the passengers and at the same time the conductors of the same bus saddled with the responsibility of bringing in other passengers, saddled with the responsibility of encouraging and edifying our fellow passengers but rather we even watch the Enemy come to the salvation Bus-Stop to come and lure passengers out of the bus. These and many other things are the things we focus on forgetting that no one knows when Christ the owner of the bus will come, but in spite of these things the father’s voice and my own call to you this new year is ARISE O YE SLEEPER, AWAKE FROM THY SLUMBER. SHALOM.

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